Inside Story – What’s behind the decision to ban Al Jazeera from the GCC summit?


Members of the Gulf Cooperative Council are meeting in Bahrain’s capital Manama.



  1. Dont be stupid you hopeless idiotic islamophobes…Bahrainis are proud sunnis and they used to love aljazeerah…until al jazeera fu*ked up with their "shouting in the dark" documentary.

  2. Bahrainis are smart. They know that qataris make up just 11% of the population, so they want the arabian tribal families in Bahrain like Al Jalahma and Al Musallam to join qataris.

    Hence Al jazeera is trying so hard to disrupt the peace in Bahrain in order to repel these families out of Bahrain and into Qatar with alot if promised incentives as well.

    It is crystal clear to Bahrainis what Al jazeera is trying to do.

  3. If you give their version of truth they wouldn't ban you.
    I lived in Bahrain for over a year, and I can say I appreciated them being open and allowed alcohol and bars and things like that. I can live without alcohol, but I wouldn't want to live in a country that absolutely bans it.

  4. Bahrain got pressured from other local news medias in the region who have been having trouble competing with aljazeera. Also they are worried aljazeera is too honest. In the event that some words are mis-spoken or out of context, it will be highlighted in the editorial or even lost in translation – it just shows how important this summit is to the gcc nations.

  5. Shucks Al Jazeera got screwed over by a rich autocratic gulf state , those gulf states are real facist bastards it is lucky that Al Jazeera doesn't depend on funding from one of them .

  6. The truth of matter is al jazeera is politica qatar propaganda media which should not be tolerated, how many countries did they destroyed Libya,Sirya.

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