Inside Story – What’s behind Turkey’s failed coup?


The Turkish government says it’s now in full control after a faction of the military attempted a coup.

Presenter: Fauzia Ibrahim


Galip Dalay – Senior Fellow in Turkey and Kurdish Studies at the Al Jazeera Centre for Studies.

Ian Lesser – Senior Director for Foreign Policy at the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

Can Kasapoglu – Defence Analyst at the Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies.

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  1. What? you thought turkey is another retarded country like egypt…. where coups actually succeed in spite of what the people want ? Turkish people rule Turkey,, Egyptian ARMY rule Egypt….. it is that simple you disgusting westerners and sexularists

  2. Islam's last breath before reality, "the elephant in the room" consume her. war's are no longer determined by the number of your man and how quickly you can replace them to sustained a 100 year assault.

  3. turkish people,s enemy is our enemy we support turkish people may allah protect them from the evil eye ,,,,,our brothers tuky,,,, Ali somali from sweden right now

  4. american terrorists are behind that coup. And idiot donkey Erdogan is still letting Turkish airbases being used for american warplanes to take off and commit genocide on Syrian and Iraqi Muslims with throwing 1000KG bombs at them

  5. Well done Erdogan and Turkish people, u have defended your country against foreign backed coup. They wanted to turn your country just like Iraq and Libya… Stay strong together and be proud… Love from Kashmir and Pakistan

  6. All 3 speakers sound that they are sorry that military coup was failed.Shame on you hippocrats.Erdogan was elected more than 12 times by Turkish people.Every nation needs a president like Erdogan.

  7. lol all the time blaming the same people…. USA ISRAEL CIA MOSSAD MI6 idiots.

    A) if it was really CIA, it would go smoothly.
    B) if israel knew turkey is going into a coup, bibi would never "apologize" for marmara and give turkey money. he did it weak or 2 before the coup.

    why you arabs can't think? why? all the time like escaping from reality to conspiracy theories.
    maybe its because what the torah said
    itzhak was the smart one, ishmael was the savage one.
    that's pretty close to the reality of today.

    erdogan after the coup, made interview with israeli channel for 30 min.
    you think he would do it if he taught we have something to do with it?

  8. Corporations tried to control Turkey. Their tools are Gulen, CIA, militarists and the US regime. They have bribed most of them. And promised Gulen and the militarists power over Turkey. Their goal is buying Turkish resources at extremely low prices and looting the Turkish treasury. Same trick they did to Saudi Arabia. If we Americans can force greedy US corporations to stop bribing US politicians. Then the CIA and the US military finally stop being the attack dog of Wallstreet. To the Turks we rightwing nationalist Americans say that we stand with you. You keep defending your country from corporate control. We will try to make bribery illegal again in our country to liberate ourselves from the Wallstreet dictatorship. Our common enemy is Wallstreet. Stay strong my Turkish friends. Don't give up.

  9. they make me laugh this so called analysts. 60 000 people who have been removed from their job and these are small fraction?
    I must say HATS OFF TO THE TURKISH NATION, for going out with courage to stop a possible dismantlement of their country.
    However, Erdogan is a fascist, dictator and dangerous manipulator. He started bombing his own kurd minority, then dictating to the elected Syria government how they should rule their country, bombing Syria, stolen their oil, creating and arming the militias, shooting down Russian airplanes, working hand on hand with USA psychopaths who want to impose new world order on the planet which will enslave populations with fed reserve's debt …. When the chickens came to roast in Turkey, he was hiding and didn't go out to fight the armed tanks, helicopters … instead he sent the population to die for him to stay in power. he used the few medias to push people to go on the street, he used mosques to manipulate people to go out to die for him. He is hated by the turkish minorities, intellectuals, and all the ones who knows about the crimes he commits. Yet he is telling to Syria Gov you must go but me I will stay and hold on the power as dead snake. He is a disgrace to Turkey and humanity.

  10. If you watched Zaman advertisement of an alarm sound and overview of Turkey's house then a child laughing/smiling at the ned of the ad, you can connect serval point, the date this ad was released and add 9 months and 10 days, ( which is why the baby at the end appeared, to symbolize the nine months and ten days for average pregnancy date) from that date, it will give you, shockingly, July 15, 2016, the day of the coup attempt, and Gulen is the one behind this company called Zaman, and the laughing/smiling baby, if you translated it from Turkish it gives you the name Gulen. Which basically means that Gulen gave the signal for the coup to get ready for the attempt.

  11. Allah is helping Turkey because Turkey always helping people who is fall!!!!!!!!!!! when Turkey fail world will fail know this where will 80 milion poeple go from turkey!!!!!!

  12. Whose to blamed for Turkey Coup & False Flag Attacted In The Airport: Commander Of Death Cult Terrorist Satan Dajjal Tom Akin,& the Witch Hunt Of Benghazi Attact AKA:Swine Pig Angela Hernandez whose been stabbing to death in public bathroom in Turkey Airport.

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