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It’s been a week of tension in the Arabian gulf. Last week, Qatar’s official news agency was hacked.

Then, fake remarks critical of US foreign policy were posted on its website and wrongly attributed to Qatar’s leader.

Now, a series of e-mails belonging to the UAE’s ambassador to the US have been leaked.

They reveal a close co-ordination between the diplomat and a pro-Israeli Think tank in Washington DC.

The e-mails also show how Ambassador Youssef al-Otaiba and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies or FDD lobbied in the US against Qatar and Kuwait.

So, how will this impact US policy in the Gulf?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Saad Djebbar – International lawyer.

Ian Black – Visiting Senior Fellow at the Middle East Centre at London School of Economics and a former Middle East Editor for The Guardian newspaper.

Mohammed Cherkaoui – Professor of Conflict Resolution at George Mason University.

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  1. Al Jazeera English is arguably one of the most free international broadcasters. I think that the reason many people believe AJE is anti-American is that they are not used to seeing real news. I am an Italian and we have unclear news about Gulf events. May be that some news are not reported in many Media unless an issue reaches a level in which it can't be completely ignored. Italian Media should follow AJE example.

  2. It is sad to see oil rich gulf state Arabs collaborate with Israel their arch enemy, to favor a policy in America to attack Iran. those criminal dictators have no shame to abandon their brothers in Palestine, to be dismembered and occupied, as long as their wish to dominate the region is achieved. They have forgotten that Israel has the long term plan to annex also parts of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and more to achieve their dream of a greater Israel. treachery and greed can bring old enemies together, to destroy the Middle East.

  3. Lol are people actually listening to Al-Jazeera (a Qatari outlet) for news on Qatar? Oh and obviously it's all of Israel fault as usual according to AJ…

  4. the other day, when Israel assassinated a senior hamas leader right there in Dubai, what did anyone do about it? Saudi saying anyone is harbouring terrorists is the height of hypocrisy. Reading the script of its master, the USA!

  5. Has this news made the US press? I havent saw it but the usual reasons for conflicts in the world once again the neocon hawk think tanks in the US behind conflict.

  6. مملوكي و عبيد ترامب في مملوكة قبيلة سعوده، الإمارات، البحرين و قطر أمهات الإرهاب

    موتوا في غيظكم كالعقارب إن لم تجد طفلاً يمنياً تلدغه بطائراتها الصهيونية الصنع، لدغت مؤخرات بعضها غدراً، إيران نوويّه و شعوبكم المقهوره تلهف وراء الرغيف لعله يختفي غداً
    إلى الجحيم أنتم و عروش "التحكم-عن بُعد" من تل أبيب حيث تقبع حُثالاتكم و مكاتب تمثيل جاهليتكم

  7. 90% of the Arab kings, the birth comes from shepherds and shoemakers, the West gave them the title of king and they are required to carry out all orders of their master without words

  8. Want to discredit Qatar with Washington? What works in Washington? $$Money$$. The U$ is the most corrupt nation state on earth. Is it the mo$t corrupt country in hi$tory? In a word. Ye$.

  9. Turkey is with Qatar. Don't give up supporting palestine and the 'ihvan muslimin' and don't give up to make peace with iran cause this is what israel want. We as Turkey and brothers from Pakistan will support you for ever. May be Allah with us. Amin!

  10. Fellow Americans, our government is not ours. We haven't the motivation to change it, but, can we at least let the parasites running this place know we know it's a farce? Elect Krusty the Clown in 2020!

  11. President Trump has exacerbated tensions in the Persian Gulf by saying he was behind Saudi Arabia’s recent move to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar. On Tuesday, Trump tweeted, "During my recent trip to the Middle East I stated that there can no longer be funding of Radical Ideology. Leaders pointed to Qatar–look!" Qatar is a major U.S. military ally, home to two major U.S. command posts. Pentagon officials, however, are trying to show their commitment to Qatar amid the regional diplomatic crisis. On Monday, a Pentagon spokesman said, "The United States and the coalition are grateful to the Qataris for their longstanding support of our presence and their enduring commitment to regional security." Meanwhile, there are news reports that Russia might have been behind a cyberattack two weeks ago that was used to publish a fake news article on Qatar’s state news agency website. The article, which has exacerbated tensions in the region, falsely cited Qatar’s leader making friendly statements about Iran—Saudi Arabia’s regional opponent. – Democracy Now

  12. The more I watch these informative videos the more I realize that there is a race between All the "arab countries" to show who's more obedient and complying with the orders given by the ZioWest masters!!!
    Wow Iran must be a very powerful country to stand up against the ZioWest for decades!!

  13. I doubt that Aljazeera was hacked.Another Youtube source says that It was Al-Jazeera which allowed those comments and blamed it on hackers.None of the countries in the middle east are innocent (this includes U.S and Russia). The only thing they care is are you funding my terrorist?

  14. Interesting that Qatar's state owned news channel does not bring up the Saudi occupation of 30% of Qatar by territory, likely the origin of differences between both countries. As a tiny nation with a population of just over 300,000 subjects, Qatar has to play all sides diplomatically in order to survive. This means maintaining relations with Iran, as well as with the Saudis, despite the Saudi occupation of Qatari territory.

    That said, the Saudis occupy more than half of Kuwait too from 1920, so they are a longtime aggressor who would like to be a modern-day conqueror of the entire Arab world.

  15. Who has credibility here ? The USA, Israel, Saudi ? I say not. For USA, Israel, and the Saudis to point fingers at others for supporting terrorism is quite hypocritical.

  16. NO surprise , ISRAEL ..Favorite tactic is BY WAY OF DECEPTION ~ The enemy is within the US and many other corrupt GOVTS

  17. AJ showing President Trump in their intro- like you pukes have anything nice to say about him. Trump is even making you propaganda channel better 🖕🏻

  18. Saudi dictator is a lunatic supported by the US in the name of "democracy" …stupid western propaganda designed for famous American idiocracy?

    Saudi has repressed the region and has financed large scale terrorism … They are bullies

    Saudi Arabia is ally for USA so this country is not bad (when American think about human rights)

    Saudi Arabia support Al-Qaeda & ISIS

  19. Pots Calling the Kettles Black… This is all a political game to UAE to acquire US Bases on their soil.. so what do the US Think Tanks do, manifest accusations based on known facts, Hack Al Jazeera and create a game that has gone terribly wrong.
    UAE and USA have found a loophole in shutting Qatar down and bring them to their knees whilst acquiring advantages for themselves.

    There is no wars to be had, no strikes expected, just a game of chess.. watch and be entertained.

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