Interview: Matt Ogston’s Partner Took His Own Life After Coming Out As Gay


Matt Ogston, whose fiance Dr Nazim Mahmood killed himself just days after telling his family he was gay, speaks out as Sky News looks at the problems faced by Asian men in coming out to their families and communities.

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  1. …though i do engage with the Rainbow comminity,i do not always agree with what the Rainbow Community wants/requests,what i do agree with is that people have a right with in reason to live the life they feel most comfortable with.I gave up on conventional religion some time ago, though there is some real good intentions done by it,in general it is used / abused to peoples own satifactory ends & some of the ends result in absolute depair / pain.My heart and condolances sure go out to Matt & hope very much that some Good will emerge from this negative situation of a wasted life….

  2. probably it's because I'm German and not too familiar with the English language, but I find it very odd to describe this as "problems faced by Asian men". For one thing "Asia" does include very different countries such as Saudi Arabia, India, China, Thailand and Japan, each having a very different stance on homosexuality. On the other hand people from other continents, for example African men (specifically Northern Africa) often face the same type of problems. Would it not be much more precise to describe this as "problems faced by men from Muslim families"?

  3. Does anyone here think he maybe overreacted? His mom only told him to see a psychiatrist (that's quite ignorant I agree but she didn't disown him) and he killed himself.

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