Iraq: Battle for Mosul – 101 East


More than two years ago, ISIL forces overran the largest city in northern Iraq, Mosul, shocking the world with the speed and the ferocity of their victory.

It was here that ISIL leader announced the formation of his caliphate. Today, the city is an active combat zone, as Iraqi forces fight to take the city back, street by street, in fierce urban warfare.

101 East travels to the front line, recording the experiences of the soldiers fighting to liberate their home towns, and the civilians caught in the crossfire.

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  1. jihadi's kill innocent pedestrians on the streets of Europe… is it the West's responsibility to fix African/Mid-East problems? because the West buys oil from them? because centuries ago there was slavery & war? nonsense. Japan/Germany were virtually destroyed in WW2.. yet they are prosperous now, while Africa remains backward.. why, when Africa has received twice the aid of the Marshall plans.. one reason is leadership. Africans/Arabs must remove bad leaders in their own countries, use oil revenue to uplift their countries.. hold their leaders to account. There are thousands of young Africans committed, honest, qualified – to lead Africa forward.. mayibuye

  2. USA created ISIS to use them to topple secular governments like Assad who refused to give them good oil-trade deals.

  3. all throughout history the one thing to bring people together is unfortunately hatred. If you want to create world peace unfortunately it must be born through hatred of an idea or person, but as soon as that centre piece of hatred is gone people start hating each other again. It is unfortunately human nature. Once IS is gone i wonder what will be the vocal point for hatred this time.

  4. when theyre shooting and beating the captured isis soldiers…. who can blame them, if it was the other way round the iraqis and kurds will have their heads chopped off…. so they kinda gotta be as merciless and their enemy… or die

  5. Why the spooky music when talking only about the IS. You should play the same tune for the Iraq US govt who are committing equal atrocities

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