Jaguar: Close enough to smell its breath! – Deadly 60 – Series 3 – BBC


Steve gets as close as he dares to one of South America’s most elusive jungle predators, the enigmatic jaguar.

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  1. Beside tigers their jaw strength enables jaguars to kill immediately biting and crushing the scull directly destroying the brain of any animals being their preys. Only tigers among predators can do the same due to the bite strength, e.g. on the footages where they kill real and adult crocs (not caymans). Sometimes jaguars eat quite big S. American turtles again crushing their strong shell and killing and eating them in this way!

  2. there's a reason why jaguars are the best predator in my opinion. they have the strongest bite of any big cat (Strong jaws allow lots of pressure in an instant) and they even hunt crocodiles out of the water. to hunt another apex predator out of it's own habitat is amazing

  3. Looked like a large chunk of meat was hurled into the water; why didn't the jaguar eat his reward? Didn't quite hear the cameraman/moderator, was the jag going to be returned to the wild? Further thought leads me to believe, no, probably not.

  4. This is terrible, because how could you keep this jaguar captive, give it to a rescue agency, because you can go to jail for keeping a wild cat captive!

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