James Bond Tells Sky News There Is Too Much Surveillance


Daniel Craig has told Sky News he thinks there is “too much surveillance and too much information gathering” in the world. Read more: http://news.sky.com/story/1574490/james-bond-says-there-is-too-much-surveillance

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  1. ok wait a minute a female bond so, so what would she be called? Sarah Bond or something? related to James Bond? just like that film creed with Apollo's son? and the charming side of bond, a big part of the role, sooo she is gonna charm the men while chatting them up an stuff is she? or is she just gonna reject loads of men until one of them is like the male bond?

  2. A black actor as Bond would work just fine, a woman as James Bond wouldn't work, it would be a different character, Jane bond walking into a room would provoke a much different reaction, all the surrounding villains and incidental characters wouldn't respond the same way. It would be like making James Bond french.

  3. oh god, have mercy with our society! the day there will be a female bond will be the day i move out of europe… i can only hope that the islamic refugees will bring back the dominant position of the man. otherwise i will have to leave this feminist matriarchy we live in…

  4. I'm sorry, but did she say James Bond should be played by a woman? WTF? Because that makes 100% sense. Sure, he could spontaneously grow breasts or get gender reassignment. Stupid, imbecilic reporter. Oh, and Lara Croft should be male in the next game if we're playing stupid PC games.

  5. Yeah so this is everything that is wrong with today's James Bond franchise. Sean Connery and Roger Moore would never have presumed to feel entitled to spout out to the media their views on world politics and government surveillance and they were also vastly superior actors to Daniel Craig.

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