James Comey feared Trump would lie about private meetings


James Comey feared Trump would lie about private meetings

The former director of the FBI, James Comey, says he was worried that President Donald Trump would lie about their private meetings.

Answering questions from a US Senate committee, Comey said the president’s team deliberately and unfairly criticised him publicly.

Trump’s hit back, saying that he “will continue to fight and win”.

Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett reports from Washington, DC.

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  1. If Trump was recorded saying, "I raped that dirty hooker, and she liked it," and was then confronted with physical evidence in the form of tapes, Trump would most likely say, "I didn't say that. I never said that. No one ever heard me say that. It isn't my voice. If you listen to other recordings of my voice, it doesn't even sound like my voice."

  2. Comey has had his day! The American people NOW need to hear from FAKE "pRESIDENT" FtRUMP…TWEETER OF THE FREE WHIRL…NcOmMANder in THIEF of the hARMED forces! LACK OF LEADERSHIP of the DIVIDED STATES OF OH-MERI-KA!

  3. Al Jazeera English , you missed part of the story …James Comey admits to leaking information to press(criminal)…through a collage friend professor

  4. Comey should've resign if he hated the President that much.

    The fact is, it's within Trumps right to stop any investigation he sees fit.

    Comey has Zero credibility, and all he did today is prove Trump wasn't under investigation.

  5. well from the way you reporting this it is obvious your audience or at least your perceived audience are low information people who did not watch this take place. Comey admitted that Trump did not try to stop the investigation. he also admitted that him being fired would not change the investigation at all. he also admitted Trump was not under investigation. funny how you guys left that out. he says he was afraid Trump would lie about the meeting. but he does not show how Trump lied about the meeting. because Trump did not lie about the meeting. every negative thing he said about Trump was his personal feelings and conjectures. I would encourage people to instead of taking fake media's word for it watch these kinds of proceedings for themselves.

  6. JAMES COMEY, Just a trouble maker, mad about losing his job..
    NOT one statement he made, was proof against Trump..
    Comey admits it is just how he interpreted what was said, in his own head.

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