Jeremy Corbyn on UK policies and the GCC crisis – Talk to Al Jazeera


Jeremy Corbyn, the leftist leader of Britain’s Labour Party, has repeatedly beaten the odds in his long political career and he appears to have done so again with an unexpectedly strong result in the UK’s national election.

He was the main winner of that election performing a lot better than many of his critics and the polls have suggested he would

Drawing comparisons to Bernie Sanders in the United States, Corbyn on the campaign trail railed against the establishment and harnessed public angst over Prime Minister Theresa May’s leadership in turbulent times.

But what’s next for the leader? And is the UK ready for a change in its policies?

In this episode of Talk to Al Jazeera we sit with the veteran politician to talk about Brexit the Grenfell Tower and Corbyn’s take on the Gulf crisis.



  1. If the British public are ever fool by the lies and promises of this very dangerous man . then you deserve everything that willl happen after.

  2. There is a famous George Orwell quote:
    "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."
    I can't think of a more appropriate quote right now.

  3. Cirbyn is an old world socialist, make no mistake, not some new maverick, he is stuck in a 1970s mindset but as a socialist he will of course lie his way to power, appear moderate, and then do what every other labour government does to the UK; wreck the country financially and socially. Note he is already backtracking on student debt, has no real clear position on Brexit, nor immigration which has placed so much pressure on the UK especially housing , but he quite friendly to Islamic Terror so may get a few votes there.

  4. Lets say Corbyn got elected and wanted to reverse what the Tories are
    doing. The trouble with that is the source of the income of the few is
    profits, and the pursuit of profits is what drives the capitalist
    economic system- threaten profits and the economic system stalls. A
    left-wing government which taxed profits merely to improve the lives of
    the many would come against the basic economic law of capitalism of 'no
    profits, no production'.
    The historically-confirmed scenario for a left-wing government is : it
    is elected and begins to implement it's programme; an economic crisis
    breaks out; the government reacts by backtracking on it's reforms and
    accepting, reluctantly or not, that profits have to come first, and
    implement this. They then lose popularity and either get voted out at
    the next election or re-elected on a different programme (not of radical
    reforms but merely that they won't be as bad as the other lot). Thats
    my view of it as an anarchist and therefore why I think a revolution is
    required to implement libertarian communism as the only solution to all
    of this.

  5. So tariff free access to the EU "Single Market" is not dependent on being in the "Single Market" as most Remainers think it is! It is also true as Sir Keir Starmer former Barrister and Head of the CPS, KCB, QC, Labour MP said the free-movement of goods, people services and capital across the EU are "four freedoms" which are conditions of EU treaties not conditions of the EU Single Market! So when Donald Tusc said you can't have access to the Single Market without "free-movement" he was totally wrong, because you can have it with a new free-movement deal between the UK & EU as Starmer said!

    We need to legislate our own post-Brexit free-movement arrangements with the EU which Sir Keir Starmer as Queen's Council in the learning of Law is happy to negotiate and legislate for! According to OUR JOBS market needs!

    They're aping Labour's Jobs brexit etc!

  6. you only gained more votes you numpty because there are more people you muppet then you say we have a strong economy ok surely that should be fire on the employed yet you say the employed earn very little your not making sense

  7. Corbyn = dangerous policies for the U.K… funnily enough, many of the latest sheep into his flock, dont know any of his polices..but do know whats trending on twitter.. and what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast..

  8. A march a day helps you work less and play.
    March up and down all day if you like it will make no difference the labour bigwigs will get you.They want to get someone in that can WIN and not winge.
    He will be 75 at the next GE and a loser leader. Put it this way If you were in charge of labour what would yo do ?. A lost leader if you like!

  9. Ok Tory bots let me just spell this out for you. if just 6
    Tories defect we are back to a hung parliament and that will trigger another
    election, oh and the tax payer will still have to folk out 1.5 billion to the

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