John Kerry talks to Sky News about the oceans, Hillary Clinton, Brexit and Syria


US Secretary of State John Kerry has told Sky News he is “absolutely convinced” Hillary Clinton is up to being president after her health scare. Read more:



  1. Now is as good a time as ever to make it easy for Americans to work in the UK.

    All jobs. Sports included.

    We definitely need to work with each other. We stand with our allies at all times.


  2. whats the point of making new international laws if Kerry doesnt follow the ones already in place…. laws are to control the poor. the rich find a way around the laws.

  3. John Connor – Siriusxm Satellite Radio – 8-38-39-43-100-101-113-114-115-125 – (The Rebel Media) (France 24) (Russian Television) (Sky News) Saving Private Ryan/Omaha – Whisky – Tequila – Rum – Vodka

  4. So Obama "wishes he had focused on the aftermath of Libya" – that's mighty big of him.  Did he not think that bombing the hell out of a country leaving no governmental structure or societal structure, indeed creating anarchy … would create the vacuum that opened the door to murderous Islamic extremism?

    This bad judgement of the Obama/Cliton/Kerry axis of incompetence needs to be brought to an end.  Thankfully Trump will be taking residence in the White House come November.

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