Kenyan Judges Experience The Majesty Of Elephants – This Wild Life – BBC


Kenyan judges hold the keys to preventing further elephant poaching in rural Kenya. They have been invited to Samburu to experience the elephants first hand with the hope that they will realise their importance.

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  1. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and some other African countries will not sign a total ban on killing Elephants. And as long as some of the primarily Asian countries (China, Vietnam…ect) keep paying a LOT of money for ivory, elephants will die out in the natural world. Our planet needs a full ban on killing all animals on endangered species list…and the punishments for killing them should be MUCH higher…but I see little change coming soon if even a lot of people in the EU will not even want to give them a "Annex I’ Cites listing" (jmho) PS; PLEASE support Polly Higgins in making Ecocide the 5th law in the Rome Statute.

  2. BBC Earth what happen with the videos of the last year when you was playing with the tigers you was working for Australia Zoo? please i want you go back to see the tigers

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