Killer Whales Target Prey – Killer Whale – BBC


The killer whales have identified their prey – a grey whale and her newborn calf, in this amazing clip narrated by David Attenborough. Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here:



  1. "The orcas want the baby's tongue…they do not 'need' to eat that tongue…The orcas did not eat the rest of the calf, only the tongue." (Page 41) "Beasts – What Animals Can Teach Us About The Origins Of Good And Evil" by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson. Copyright 2014. Bloomsbury USA, 1385 Broadway, New York, NY 10018. ISBN 978-1-60819-615-9 (hardback). Thursday, May 29, 2014 (Common Era), 9:06 P.M. (Earth – U.S. – Eastern Standard Time). Posting 1 of 1.

  2. Killer Whales are known as "Wolves of the Sea." They hunt in packs up to 3-4 members. They can have up to 6 calves before they reach 40 years old. They can live up to 50-80 years in the wild. They kill basically anthing in the sea, even sharks.

  3. my guess is 1 they have very rounded teeth which make it very difficult to bite off large chunks of meant, second they have weak jaws compaired to the size of their body and a strong attack involving biting pieces off large creatures could well break there jaw bones or rip there tendons etc etc!!.

  4. They do Shawn, But first these intelligent animals attempt to rend their prey vulnerable by other means;
    For Example,
    They will group up and make waves to knock a seal off an ice berg, then disorientate it by using their fluke to make turbulence and they may also blow bubbles before nipping it by its tail to go in for the kill.

    They will do the same for other sea Mammals, rays, tuna.

    Have a look around Youtube, You can find many videos of them eating things with their teeth

  5. They must be quite intelligent these killer-whales. Obviously they realize the difference between fish and seawater mammals. drowning the prey doesn't quite work when hunting fish…

  6. after 6 hrs of hunting…the orcas drowned the calf and only ate its jaw and tongue…the film producer called it a "pretty harrowing experience" the clip is floating around here somewhere

  7. hate to see such a great original video spoiled by bad CG. shame on you, bbc!
    in the original footage the emphasis was on patient endurance of the hunter. it was a spiritual experience to watch the hunting procession checked by water, the medium that rubs any attempt of restless abrupt motion into smooth and elegant one. over that, attenborough's commentary playing catch up with the tense situation was like squeezing the brain like a sponge.
    CG is stoopid. the hunting means has lost beauty

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