Labour Debate: Full Version


Labour leadership hopefuls Liz Kendall, Andy Burnham, Jeremy Corbyn and Yvette Cooper are asked about everything from Tony Blair’s legacy to drugs policy in the final debate before party members make their decision.

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  1. I know if I got up on one of those stands I'd sound like a retard just like his 3 opponents, what charisma from Corbyn! Now I fully understand how he became leader.

  2. There was actually only one real candidate and he won, they not only want all teh money, they want all the power, they don't like democracy

  3. This idiot needs a wash refugees don't bypass 20 countries & bypass Muslim countries for no reason they have a target.
    Mecca can take 3 million refugees in air conditioned Tents but Muslim countries like saud Arabia have deported 1 million migrants

  4. I see those "refugees" every day here in Belgrade, Serbia. They are economic immigrants by 90%,
    War criminal Tony Blair must be very proud about the demagogy of the 4.

  5. would be best to deal with teh cause of the problem, superpowers waging proxie wars and getting at "enemies" through their allies. UN and nato should bann all proxie wars.

  6. I hate to be the ignorant American in the room, but to me Corbyn's opponents all seem more polished. That may in fact be their worst trait, they all seem like politicians. Corbyn seems to me less like a politician, and more like a professor or philosopher.

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