Life in the shadows: Palestinians in Lebanon – Al Jazeera World


In 1948, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced to leave their country during the ‘Nakba’, the ‘catastrophe’, the founding of the state of Israel.

The majority of Palestinians in Lebanon retain the hope of one day returning home – known internationally as ‘the right of return’ – but almost seven decades later, refugee camps have become part of the urban landscape of Lebanon.

Over a quarter-of-a-million Palestinians still live in the 12 UN-registered camps and 42 other so-called ‘gatherings’ across Lebanon. Lebanon is their home but any chance of becoming a genuine part of the communities they live in is constantly undermined by strict laws ‘protecting’ Lebanese citizens’ rights, general safety and well-being.

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  1. I have an idea take back control from Hamas and us resources only for the making a better peaceful life. aljezeera you could easily better your self stop spreading hate and be a real nothing but truth seen through all aspects news site

  2. فش اشي اسمو فلسطيزيين
    لازم كل دولة عربية تستوعبهم وتعطيهم حقوقهم الكاملة… بدلا من تخليد قضيتهم. عشان ابدا مش رح تكون الهم دولة

  3. Thank you to Al Jazeera for presenting these portrayals of Palestinian lives. In the west, our media insists on portraying Palestinians as a bunch of angry, stone-throwing protesters and terrorists. We never see Palestinians sitting down for dinner or playing sport – or any sort of images that might humanize these people.

  4. The obvious question is, how it is possible that the same Palestinians in the US, UK, and others, are treated way better then in their arab brother countries?
    Also, they look like Lebanese, sounds alike, and probably are not so much different. Why not integrate them? As the guy in 7:00 say.

  5. I'm one of them
    I can't work in all Arab gulf countries ( Qatar, UAE , KSA , Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain ) Just because I'm Palestinian with Lebanese refugees document

    Thanks Arab

  6. This disgusts me on so many levels. The fact that they had to leave their homeland in the first place. The fact that they have practically no rights in Lebanon, not allowed jobs, not allowed property, sequestered in their ghettos. Absolutely despicable.

  7. I agree with the comentaries below. I can´t hear or read anything about the apartheid states of lebanon, syria, egyp and jordanian. Interesesting how 800,000 jews left their homes from arab lands and they were rescued and became full citizens of the of the State of Israel. Now, the arab brothers of the palestinians treat them as a real apartheid state. Contradictions, cynicism.

  8. Sad story. All poor Mideast people, I pray for you. Don't lose hope. Accumulate secular knowledge, especially science and technology, at least through Internet.
    Don't get into religious extremism. Your bright future is near. The current world order is collapsing from the top. It only took 30 years for the Chinese to lift themselves up from their boots. At most another 30 years, the Chinese will be able to help lifting up all the distressed people from their boots too.

  9. These are ghettos that the Palestinian people are forced to live in. Similar to those of the Nazis. The United Nations can't even unite one country??? This is an absolute disgrace!!! Shame on the world! Shame on humanity!!! Now there's the sneaky attempt to wipe out the Palestinians by lying about ISIS and DAESH coming from cams in Lebanon as Bush tried before. Now we start to see it again. Half a million Palestinians live in these camps Beddawi Camp Burj Barajneh Camp Burj Shemali Camp Dbayeh Camp Ein El Hillweh Camp El Buss Camp Mar Elias Camp Mieh Mieh Camp Nahr el-Bared Camp Rashidieh Camp Shatila Camp Wavel Camp
    So if you hear in the media of ISIS/DAESH being present there- it is very suspicious – these are controlled zones by the Lebanese and it al becomes an excuse for the US on behalf of the Israelis to exterminate or commit genocide of the Palestinian people. Do not be deceived.

  10. where were the palestines and other people living before the united kingdom of israel and judah was destroyed and taken over? im sure all these different cultures were somewhere befored they tried to claim israel as their own

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