Life On A Trident Submarine


Britain’s nuclear submarines are so secret they surface only to take on food, and non-operational contact is limited to 120 words. Our Defence Correspondent Alistair Bunkall has met the crew of HMS Vigilant, one of the UK’s four Trident nuclear submarines. Read more here

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  1. Billions and billions on weaponry whilst we watch our NHS waste away and poverty rise on UK soil. It's my prayer that one day a multilateral disarmament occurs (If possible a unilateral. I don't care what other countries are doing). I just wonder what steps the current govt are making to work to this.

  2. WHY would a reporter want to give up facts about this sub?! ANY REPORTER?! This machine is beyond awesome, beyond extraordinary . . . . . . AND there are his countrymen on board! God bless the United Kingdom for manning this sub!

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