Lord Heseltine on Brexit sacking and Theresa May’s “man-sized job”


Theresa May sacked Lord Heseltine as a Government adviser, over his part in a Brexit rebellion in the Lords.

He spoke to Sky’s Sarah-Jane Mee about why he supported the amendment and about his feelings on Europe.

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  1. He is a greedy selfish old man who has never done one thing for the People who give him such a fine lifestyle !! May he now have a shorter time on earth .

  2. Heseltine is estimated to be worth 200 million . He received almost 1 million in subsidies alone from the EU to help run his farms. Conflict of interests? Possible bias? And why do no interviews ever set this out at the start of his slavish sycophancy to the EU ? ….certainly a repugnant, self serving and trough feeding apostle of this most undemocratic entity. No wonder why. His dismissive and quite frankly appalling condescending attitude to the result of brexit is characteristically enshrined by the political classes. Also amazes me how those who at all cost want to prevent brexit will support the words of anyone else who does. I have so called socialist friends whom now find his type wise and correct. Bar man large whisky please and keep them coming.

  3. to many languages to many borders. Europe needs to choose 5 language from the continent and start again, and keep the euro €. keep Britain Ireland Scandinavia and Iceland out of it. Euro and usa are a melting pot. the native whites need a reserve! or there be none left.

  4. What a self serving tit this Heseltine is. It's about time the men and women who actually work for a living rose up and give these pigs a lesson.

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