Mads Mikkelsen Reveals Star Wars Rogue One Character


The Casino Royale and Hannibal star talks about his upcoming roles in Doctor Strange and Star Wars: Rogue One

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  1. This guy's old enough to be my pop, and I have the hots for him. It's weird in that sense. But, he's got a boyish charm to him in look and personality and still sexy at the same time.

  2. His accent is so interesting. A German friend of mine once remarked that Danes sounds like they're talking with rocks in their mouths. I slightly hear it with this, but to me it's just that it sounds more staccato than what I'm used to. Love listening to this accent.

  3. I'm so happy he plays in Doctor Strange aswell! I wonder how Benedict will react to him, if their dynamic would be as lovely as it Benedict had with Lars Mikkelsen in Sherlock…

  4. The interviewer is terrible she is stuttering he word around asking the James Bond question, is stumbling for things to say. She has no idea his greatest role to date as a Villian is as Hannibal Lector. What an amateur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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