Malaysia: Babies For Sale – 101 East


“Boy, 3kg, $2000.”

The online message, complete with photos of a tiny newborn, advertises an underground trade where babies are commodities worth thousands of dollars.

Malaysia is a hub for baby selling, with buyers able to choose their own baby based on gender, race and skin colour. Some babies are bought by couples desperate to start a family. Others are sold to traffickers and forced to become sex slaves or beggars.

101 East goes undercover in Malaysia, where babies are up for sale.

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  1. How in this world can a woman carry an Innocent BABY for Nine months . And not think twice about this Little Child ?
    These are very Sick females then !! They Need Surgery So they CAN"T have another Child Then .I Pray One Day GOD will make it so…Talk About An Evil and Corrupt World > To in pregnant Women and Keep them against their will just to Sell Babies is Pour EVIL & Corrupt .

  2. Horrific and I can't help but wonder if this happens in the US since we do have sexual slavery as well. I bet it does, and this occurrence is disheartening in whatever part of the world it may be at. I want to thank you for sharing this video because it has broadened my understanding of the vicious cycle of prostitution. It seems as if women are stolen, enticed, or offered work opportunities in foreign countries, forced into sexual slavery, have babies which are then sold to pedophiles, organ traffickers, and couples looking to adopt. Your video demonstrates how the corruption goes all the way to the top with government workers. It's scary when I contemplate how I in college say a flyer in my university bulletin for an opportunity to learn and study abroad in Canada through working and I thought it sounded great and my mom found it fishy- it was incredibly vague in details. Study abroad trips organized through the university are legal affairs this was just something someone printed and posted in the university bulletin but it was not sponsored by the university. I feel as if this was an exploitative enticement in retrospect…I see this and think, could that have been me?

  3. How is selling babies any different than adoption…they charge an arm and a leg for adoption but like 400$ for abortion…somethings backwards with this scenario

  4. Such a sad story..I wish there was something that can be done there. I hate that these innocent kids are in this situation. Death to pedophiles as well!

  5. If adoption was as cheap as 3,000 dollars maybe people didn't go do it illegally.And also they should be strict as to who adopts this babies to make sure they treat and care well for the child but they shouldn't be so picky as to how rich you are to adopt.

  6. Wooow. that's unethical.
    Can't believe this is happening in negaraku tersayang.
    Doesn't Malaysia have a legit Adoption agency?
    But I guess even with a legit adoption agency, things like this will happen anyway.

  7. Corruption! Corruption! Corruption! Speechless…. Poor innocent babies, children, teenagers, adults who are born in Malaysia and doesn't get citizenship while illegal immigrants can buy them easily!!!

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