May v Corbyn: The Battle for Number 10


Conservatives leader Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will field questions from voters and then veteran journalist Jeremy Paxman for a special programme.

Watch The Battle for Number 10 live on Sky News and Channel 4, Monday 29 May at 8.30pm

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  1. And I'm sure FOX N…erm, Sky News will make sure the questions are very fairly balanced, and with no planted Tory members posing as labour voters. Just like the last Battle for Number 10.

  2. Faisal ISLAM moderating!!! there won't be any bias on the questions with the origins of the Islamists (^o^)

    Islamists working hand in hand with our lefty marxists, weird times we live in.

  3. I would rather stick pins in my eyes then vote for this evil witch face Theresa and her pack of conservative bullies who bullie the poor and disabled because they are a easy target

  4. This Debate is Pivotal. & Will Determine. Whom gets The Keys to No: 10! There's Absolutely NO Doubts in My Mind. Who's going to No: 10! How about all ya?

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