MediaBuzz 6/4/2017 | Fox News Today June 4,2017 Sunday


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Full Show: MediaBuzz 6/4/2017 | Fox News Today June 4,2017 Sunday
Genre: News, Talk, Public Affairs, Politics
Premise: Veteran journalist Howard Kurtz is no stranger to criticizing the media. He did it for 20 years as a media columnist for The Washington Post and as host of CNN’s long-running “Reliable Sources” from 1998 through the first half of 2013. So it’s no surprise that shortly after departing CNN in mid-2013 for rival Fox News Channel he would premiere a show for his new employer that is modeled after his previous program. In addition to Kurtz and his weekly panel discussing how the press covers a variety of topics that include technology, social media, politics and sports, the host also interviews some of the country’s top journalists. And, as you might expect in these social mediacentric times, “MediaBuzz” features some viewers’ questions and comments on the show.



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