Mexico’s first indigenous woman presidential candidate talks to Al Jazeera


With Mexico due to elect a new president next year, the country’s major political parties will soon begin lining up their candidates. Marking a historic moment for Mexican politics, among those competing will be the first woman to represent the country’s indigenous population. Al Jazeera’s John Holman reports from Tuxpan

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  1. USA needs a Native-American presidential candidate, as well. So far Mexico had indigenous presidents in the past, Benito Juarez, but USA?
    USA is a multi cultural and diverse country ruled by a minority painted white.
    Wake up! Trump is an example of that! He is an orange clown pretending to be white. His loyalty is not to America but to his dirty and corrupt financial interests.

  2. Good for her. Whether she wins or not, I hope she is able to create some momentum and fights against those who want to destroy the earth and their culture.

  3. No por ser indígena significa que es capaz de dirigir a una nación multiétnica y megadiversa. No. Los imperialistas yanquis caras pálidas se aprovecharían de ella y la explotarían y manipularían fácilmente.
    Nunca votaría por ella.
    Sin embargo, apoyo y la justicia el respeto para todas las comuniades indígenas de nuestro país y más allá,

  4. I'm with you, sister…I'm 100% with you!
    The Mestilattos have NOT done well running the country.
    This is why such A HUGE POPULATION of Mexicans illegally moved to the United States, because the Mestilattos who have been running Mexico for decades have not done well.
    (Mesti-lattos are a MIXTURE of Mestizo and Mulattoes who mixed together)

    Give the natives a chance to see if they can do better.
    I'm with you.

  5. Yeah! You go future Mrs. President!

    Drive those white Caucasian Mexicans out of Mexico! Mexico belongs to the Amerindians and Mestizos!

    That goes for the rest of the Americas, especially the U.S.. You white Caucasians… get out of the Americas!

    This is the beginning of The Colored Revolution!

    By the way… I am a brown Asian…

  6. A Culture destroyed by mass Invasion (Spanish Conquistadors) and of course Capitalism raping mother nature. I hope we can keep this wonderful culture alive! Greetings from Germany

  7. I'm pleased because I'm indigenous Mexican too and we get discriminated from even other Mexicans that have lighter skin they see us as scum and uncivilized come to think of it my dad is indigenous but I'm sure my mom is a mestiza

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