Michael Gove – ‘EU: In Or Out?’


Justice Secretary Michael Gove faces live questions from Sky News journalists and members of the public in one of the first big television events of the referendum campaign.

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  1. Gove = The tipical communist jew, lying through his teeth that he ''wants the good of the people '' only to put his hands on their money . The idiots like to hear the bullshit and he loves to take their money :))

  2. I don't hate people who chose to vote to leave but I just think it's silly, we aren't anything now, I think there should be a re-vote 70% of young people wanted to stay, and we are the next generation

  3. I once saw Jenna Haze get anal creampied she'd really had a pounding and her asshole was all agape and she loosed a fart which made her asshole quiver and it made me think of Michael Goves' lip.

  4. Well good bye Michael Gove and his scheming wife – trying to block other opponents with text messages to rally behind Gove – odious little creep and wife got what they deserved !
    That's him finished thank god ! Go and buy a trawler and F off !!

  5. And now MG will fall on his sword and let the true leader through . . . The only one we can trust to lead the country through the changes ahead . . . Andrea . . I trust her, she is genuine.

  6. Gove is such a bald-faced liar. The day after the referendum they admitted that the 350 million number was a lie. And now he has the gall to put his name in the hat for PM.

  7. I'm not British, but as a neutral I find the host's conduct disgraceful and if anything this made me sympathise with the Leave camp. Brexit backers should thank him.

  8. Express headline: Boris Johnson wants to be our next PM. Headline news everywhere else on same day: Boris Johnson said he isn't running for PM.
    Express was the newspaper that managed to brainwash millions into voting what's worse for most British people by leaving the EU. It's sad how all most people know about politics is the last Tory/UKIP propaganda headline, as those same people will be the first ones crying on Question Time when more British ex solders die from not affording to refrigerate their insulin. While Nigel Farage rejoins Tories to employ his foreign wife in tax payers expenses, after people thought UKIP care about immigration, when all they care about is making sure the EU isn't in the way for them to mistreat British people. They don't want the EU to make them label genetically modified ingredients and allow workers enough breaks.

  9. Anti EU Tories and UKIP fooled idiots into thinking leaving EU was about immigration, when Nigel Farage will rejoin Tories to live in luxury while paying his foreign wife on expenses to increase his household finances. They wanted to leave the EU because it's preventing the few at the top mistreating most British people, by making companies label GM ingredients and allowing workers enough breaks. They won't say anything until more ex solders start dying from not affording to refrigerate their insulin, because the Express will tell them what to think. Why should we be scared of the EU when Tories have harmed far more British people?

  10. Watch from 54 minutes onwards (Last question)…Mr Gove counting himself out of ever being the leader of the Tory party (and current PM)…and yet today he wants to be leader of the Tory party (and PM).

  11. I thought he was a man of honour,sticking to his principles and believing that supporting Boris Johnson was the right thing yo do.
    Pulling the carpet from under Boris Johnsons feet,and deciding to stand for party leadership instead.

    Politics is a dirty business, and even though i am not a great admirer of Theresa May, i hope she now wins the support of the party.

    Michael Gove has shown himself in his true colours, not a man one can trust.

  12. I cannot believe it – this interview (along with observing what the PLP are doing to Corbyn) has pushed me over to the "dark side". If the PLP don't get behind Corbyn and Gove is appointed the PM job, I'll throw my support behind the Tories.

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