Mosque chairman: We threw out Manchester bomber two months ago


Sky News has spoken exclusively to the chairman of a mosque who told the suicide bomber Salman Abedi to leave the premises after he tried to hide there overnight.

The incident happened two months ago at the Salaam Community centre in Moss Side, in Manchester.

Mosque Chairman Abdullah Muhsin Norris told Sky News the 22-year-old annoyed him by wanting to stay in the mosque library to read religious books overnight.

He said he did not report anything about Salman Abedi because the row in the library was the only incident that he had been concerned about.

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  1. He said he threw him out when in truth he just told him off about wearing his trainers, hmmm, something not quite truthful there.
    If it's not the full truth then it is a lie…..fact.
    Excuse after excuse after excuse…..

  2. im afraid a mosque in the starting point for all islamic extremism. professor tariq ramadan has stated islam is directly linked to terrorism. thats from a revered muslim. why cant WE start openly associating the two. it is blatantly obvious islam is linked to terrorism, but no one wants to say it outright, as it may upset muslims. instead we use islamist, jihadi, fundamentalist, extremism etc.

    btw the bloke who got out from guantanamo got £1,000,000 compensation.

  3. This preacher is a LIAR. He clearly knew (and very likely this preacher was very much involved) in the radicalization of his flock. Most of the radicalization is done by these very preachers. This is plain old Taqeeya (islam's permission to lie to the infidels to make islam look good). Young muslim men don't get radicalized out of thin air. Sure … explicity internet propaganda videos by ISIS have a compounding effect … but the subtle implicit hints by these mullahs about their duty towards Jihad is a major driver.

  4. A good way to give credibility to the ideology of Muslim victimhood that the terrorists love to play on would be to impose a bunch of illiberal policies on Muslim communities. what we need is more respectful dialogue.

  5. He sounds honest.. and very cooperative. But then again, he is Jamaican Muslim. Can the same be said of Arab and African Muslims who can see every movement in a poisonous mosque environment?

  6. Watch Tommy Robinson on the Tommy has objectively looked at the history and speakers of the Didsbury mosque. It's a hate factory for jihad.

    The usual time for Muslims to attack was on Fridays after being sent out from the mosques.

  7. he aint police, why is it his responsibility? seems to me the mdia has promoted the likes of Anjem Choudry, maybe they need to ask what they are doing to prevent terrorism and radicalisation.

  8. Listen to Maajid Nawaz's explanation on what happened in this mosque and many others in the country (LBC radio). Really insightful as to how these people lie to your face

  9. The government or authorities supposedly new about him many years ago they didn’t DO anything so it's hypocritical to point fingers at a person at a masjid caretaker!!!! who can't know everyone or know what's in people's hearts. masjid is a place to pray to God. It never has been anything else

  10. which countrys dont suffer terror attacks ? ones with few muslims now i will be called a rascist for saying this but this is true it is a fact now its up to muslims to reform islam and bring it up to date with moderm society but if it was up to me all religion would be banned as it is what sets us against one another because if this slaughter continues i fear bloodshed on a previously unheard of level

  11. I'm a proud Muslim, but if such things is happening and all these crazy people are associated from one and same mosque, they need to find the culprit. Put up cameras with lip reading technology. Closing the mosque won't do any good. These psychos will only spread.

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