Nation Divided: the debate


Anna Botting hosted a special Sky News debate examining the state of the nation since the Brexit vote.

Joining her were former Cabinet minister and Brexit campaigner Michael Gove, Nobel Prize winner Christopher Pissarides, left-wing political activist Lindsey German and award-winning author and journalist Lionel Shriver.

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  1. Britain has become a nasty country as the Leave campaigners promote hate on a daily basis . Their hatred makes the lives of those who voted Remain hell on earth. Those poor EU citizens in Britain feel the hatred of the Leave voters and live hourly in terror!

  2. Has always been the Satan worshiping free masonic pedophiles agenda,, divide distract and conquer ,,, SKY NEWS=FAKE FREE MASONIC NEWS<<<<<< 666 maybe change your name to sky news 33 eh ,,, Our sky looks natural eh sky news ,,

  3. Which Nation ?
    Scotlands a nation…..englands a nation
    Scotland voted to REMAIN
    england chose to LEAVE
    I'd call that a Union devided, so would anyone with a basic grasp of english

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