Nesting Frigate Birds and Turtle Babies – Planet Earth – BBC


Super massive undersea volcanoes create a unique environment for ocean based life. Frigate birds use territory such as this to nest and raise their young. Meanwhile, green turtles have travelled thousands of miles from their feeding grounds to lay eggs and hatch their young off Ascention Island…

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  1. I never said it was neutral, I simply said that it is not grotesque, it is nature. Death, ultimately, is neutral. All things die. Good things, bad things, plants, animals, parasites, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, prey, hunter, young and old.

  2. a beautiful example of the instinct to survive of primitive creatures fighting agaisnt natural obstacles, predators and inclement-climate.
    awesome job from your photographers, cameramen and narrator ;-), i wish had a job like this: traveling around the wold taping nature, doesn't matter if I have to enduring hunger, or gnat bites!

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