New gold rush hits California after heavy winter rains


The discovery of gold in 19th century California brought gold diggers rushing to the state, hoping to strike it rich.

Recently, heavy rain in California has washed away tonnes of gravel that hid the gold in stream beds, exposing the gold and drawing back the prospectors.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports from near Columbia, California.

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  1. you can make more money this time of year looking for chantrelles in good INTACT oak forests, without the need to destroy the environment. shoot, because of all the fires you'll likely strike gold with morels later this spring. and they taste amazing! you can't eat gold. gold is exchanged for money, which you can do with mushrooms, too. what is it about gold that makes it so sought after? we have mined more than we know what to do with by a factor of at least 100


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