[News Today] Inside North Korea’s Special Forces : The North Korea Nightmare


[News Today] Inside North Korea’s Special Forces : The North Korea Nightmare
Military update News : Inside North Korea’s Special Forces The North Korea Nightmare.

Teukgong Moosool (also known as Tukkong Moosool or TGMS) is a martial art originating from South Korea. It is the official martial art practised by the South Korean Special Forces. Teukgong Moosool (TGMS) is a combative method of fighting as opposed to a sport. It emphasizes in the rapid interdiction and submission of an opponent. TGMS has been adapted beyond the special forces, for practice by bodyguards, police and law enforcement personnel and individuals.

eukgong Moosool arose following a protracted period of North Korean Special Forces penetration across the border during the 1960s and 1970s, demonstrating superior combat skills. In one particular foray, North Korean special forces personnel were apprehended. One of them, proficient in Gyeuk Sool, was able to dismiss three South Korean commandos within 10 seconds in hand-to-hand combat.[1] This prompted the South Korean special forces to create and pursue a superior and ultimate martial arts fighting system. It was this awareness which convinced the President of Korea to order the creation of a new and superior martial art. In 1978, this order fell on former Korean Tukkong Moosool Association President Lim Ung-Hwan. At this time, Korean soldiers were generally trained in Taekwondo or Hapkido, as well as techniques designed for the Korean Military. President Lim Ung-Hwan was an Army Captain and a specialist in anti-terrorism with the 27th Anti-terrorists Unit. At the time of the order, President Lim was commando commander of the 27th Anti-terrorists Unit. As well as being a fifth dan black belt in Taekwondo, he holds dans in Aikido, Judo and Kumdo, and was a boxing champion. During his time in the Korean Army, President Lim trained with several Special Forces units around the world. President Lim combined elements and techniques from Taekwondo, Yudo, Aikido, Kung-Fu, Taegeukgweon (Tai Chi), Dang Rang Kwon, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Boxing, as well as many other martial arts especially from Hapkido by master Jang. This combination of martial arts was designed to prepare the troops for any situation that may arise. Furthermore, Teukgong Moosool was designed to defeat terrorists. Therefore, the assumption was made that the enemy would be highly trained in martial arts and other fighting skills. To guarantee the effectiveness of this new martial art, an effort was made to test it throughout the 27th Anti-terrorists Unit of South Korean Special Forces. Many of Korean Special Forces Units were already masters in other martial arts. South Korean President Park ordered Special Forces Forces soldiers to be trained in Teukgong Moosool. In 1978, Tukkong Moosool was demonstrated in front of President Park Jung-Hee, at the Korean Blue House. President Park was impressed to the demonstration and praised the superiority of this style of combat. Ever since, it has been a regular part of the training for the Korean Presidential Bodyguard Unit. Tukkong Moosool has been demonstrated in front of President Park Jung-Hee, President Chun Doo-Hwan in October 1980; President Noh Tae-Woo in May 1992; President Kim Young-Sam in June 1993; and President Kim Dae-Jung in May 1998. Demonstrations have also been performed in front of US Military Forces in Korea, the Korean public, and the Japanese media.

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