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  1. Domestic spying is only going to be as good as the humans that employ it. Probably not too good in anyone's hands today – not this kind of thing. UK will have to show how it works for benefit and is worth the risk in order to justify. Won't happen soon and so expect a lot of push back. The US is bad enough as it is but just wait till the paranoid fascists with bogus agendas they consider 'national security' take over in January. Look for pushback there as well. First amendment of the US constitution will be in play – Free Speech will be dragged to the delete folder right away. Read up on Weimar Germany and how that deteriorated into naziism for a preview.

  2. rebels/oposition are to be blamed and prosecuted for this mess because they hidding and shooting from hospitals and schools hoping that no one will shoot back at them,and poor civilians cant get out of those cities because oposition/rebels using them as a human shield.

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