NOAM CHOMSKY – The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine


According to American linguist and political activist, Noam Chomsky, media operate through 5 filters: ownership, advertising, the media elite, flak and the common enemy.

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Narrated by Amy Goodman, Executive Producer of Democracy Now!
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  1. """why is the influencer the one who always influence…influencer always cast spells""" Use free will…Inspire and be inspired…This is a great victory for all mankind…We have the internet-network 1st time in history…EVOLution!!!

  2. while this is of course very true, it's ironic that Al Jazeera – Qatari state propaganda outlet is showing this. Your propaganda against Syria has been monumental and some journalists have even quit their jobs over the years because of the lies they were being forced to peddle

  3. Except the "boogieman" is not so much refugees and immigrants now but Donald Trump. Almost every media corporation is pro-immigration and heavily anti-Trump

  4. The media's villains (common enemy) now: nationalists, white supremacists, nazis, racist police, Russian hackers, the patriarchy.

  5. We definitely have this issue in the UK with our biased MSM Papers and TV stations (Sky BBC ITV) and the Establishment machine. Into that mix or web we have a Royal Family that masses believe walks on water or at least the head of that family can do no wrong at present. The machine is kicking into gear now trying to and succeeding to denigrate the survivors of Grenfell and tarnish them as some type of secondary citizen. We have a government party that has now a single issue manifesto to leave the EU despite a desperate groundswell of opinion to stay. The consent of leave the EU at any cost is firmly in the public psyche. Our public services are disintegrating but the government bungs a small group of bigots to stay in power to continue its single mission. No wonder we never had a revolution in our country. The queen and MPs get financial increases and the government has just paid out the biggest bung in history and our public services go to rot.

  6. In addition to the manufacturing of actual (though reluctant) consent, there is also the manufacturing of the appearance of consent. Our elections do that by getting people to vote for someone they don't want in the absence of the option to vote against something they want to avoid.

  7. What the DUP and Northern Ireland argument we having boys mostly
    Snake is slime The point was made.
    New Hi-phone ? New BMW ? chiuhauauaa and its nursery costs?
    Very conservative feeling?

  8. Helpful for my media studies teaching..hopeful my students will understand. I love Naom Chomsky saying the unsayable. Profit is the motivation – not love, compassion , entertainment or indeed anything that is not about money. This is a terrible way to run a culture – on materialism. Challenge power you will be pushed to the margins – look at MIA! Russell Brand..We all need to fight back and share 'Wedom' – we are all in this together Ek ong Kar – not to make money for the greedy ruling elite. The battle is endless – stay awake and fight it

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