North Korea: The Death of Kim Jong-nam – 101 East


North Korea: The Death of Kim Jong-nam – 101 East

It’s a murder plot out of a spy novel.

Kim Jong-nam, the estranged half-brother of North Korea’s unpredictable leader, was allegedly poisoned by two women assassins at Kuala Lumpur airport in mid-February.

All signs point to Kim Jong-un, the rogue state’s leader, as behind the murder.

101 East investigates the mysterious case, exploring the highly secretive and paranoid world of North Korea, where those who escape continue to live in fear of its reckless brutality.

Given the most recent display of its missile tests, it’s a recklessness the rest of the world needs to heed.

They work in one of the most dangerous and conservative areas of Pakistan.
“Where I come from, women are not usually allowed to get an education,” says Khalida Niaz, who went on a hunger strike to convince her father to let her finish school.
Now, she is a radio newsreader for the Tribal News Network, which broadcasts across Pakistan’s troubled border region with Afghanistan.
Reporting the news here can be deadly – threats by armed groups have shut down most media outlets. But Khalida and her colleagues know there are some stories that only women can tell.
101 East meets the team making women’s voices heard in Pakistan’s tribal region.

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  1. West propaganda !! There were many assassinations in America and puppet countries than North Korea. So who did kill JF Kennedy?? People are not stupid ^^

  2. I was always thinking: what will happen to the North Koreans if, let's say, one day they will be "released" from the dictatorship, the only political system they are familiar with since 1948? I'm pretty sure that most of them would feel completely lost, in despair, maybe many would even commit suicide, simply because they are not used to think by/for themselves and they can't do the things on their own. The only thing they know is to take orders and to obey!

  3. it would unbelievable painful to know if I fail a secret mission or whatever north Korean spys do they will kill their families just awful their killing their people left and right

  4. Don't provoke north korean gov't, leave them alone, mind your own business, problem solved. The target is only america due to their chronic illness (invasion). Don't include the world.

  5. this regimes are created by the luciferian masons, the objective is to make people think how much the ppl hate imperial, dictatorial father and son regimes, so the humanity will reject GOD and his son Jesus
    but satan is trying to lie, because GOD and Jesus are not brutal dictators, they are peace and love, not hate and pain

  6. Every type of dictatorship is wrong and should not exist anymore. But to be fair, the fact that North Korea became an isolated country was from their experience in the past with the US. When Korean Civil War, the US bombed North Korea and killed a lot of civilians. It made these people feared the US and chose to trust the new government lead by Kim Il Sung (The founding father of North Korea) because he promised safety and an equal power to oppose the US. But over time, their dear leader and his policy became more and more dictatorial thus make the people can not resist anymore. North Korea's government started as a protector of their people but ended up becoming the most authoritarian system in the world.

  7. So he commits accounts of terrorism with impunity, really. How many millions has he killed and what countries has he invaded? The USA invaded Iraq destroyed its cities and killed around half a million civilians and found ZERO weapons of mass destruction. And don't forget Afghanistan and all the money that the heroin trade affords now that the American Amy is policing the poppy fields If you want to save guard the world then maybe you should focus on that and not speculate. Don't you (editors, reporters) feel uncomfortable keeping a straight face whilst pumping out such fabrication in the light of what America has done since its birth, repeatedly and categorically? I thought several years ago that Al Jazeera was kind of different lol. You've sold out to the cabal

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