One Night With Knife Crime Crackdown Police Task Force


Police across England and Wales are beginning a week-long crackdown on knife crime, which rose significantly in 2015. Sky News spends a night with a police task force dedicated to fighting back:

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  1. ..America has "assault weapons", England has "Zombie Slayer" knives. Freaking morons. Crack down on scumbags and low lives, and the knife and gun problem will take care of itself.

  2. Typical progressive mentality. Crime has nothing to do with the people they arrested and instead they focus on pieces of wood and metal. Good luck getting all that wood and metal off the streets.

    Here's an idea. Instead of calling it "knife crime" or "gun crime", how about calling it "gang crime" or "violent crime". Are they going to put pieces of metal on trial?

  3. Hey, I have a knife exactly like the one at 1:00, except mine has a cool multi-colored wooden handle. I call it my Crocodile Dundee Knife because of the holes in it, which according to my theory will allow the blade to more easily cut through the water as I defend my self from the crocodile who is accosting me. I haven't used it due to the fact that I have yet to be attacked by a crocodile yet, but if I ever am, I am ready for him.

  4. Sooo… this isn't a parody? Seriously? Then it's the dumbest thing I've ever seen or heard of from supposedly serious minded people. For the record if I were jointly damage a person with something other than a firearm a baseball bat (or cricket mallet) would do far more damage in strong hands. Are those getting banned next? Will there be a cricket "task force"? How about just calling it CRIME.

  5. Hows about a crack down on fake puppet governments ,, hows about a crack down on all the climate engineering programs that now destroy our natural skies and which the fake puppet goverment is useless to say or do anything about it as they will get slapped by their bosses,,

  6. stupid becuase after knifes comes martial arts and China never won that battle, people became the most deadly and effective with their hands killing with only a few blows. At least the founders of the USA understood this, the morons in the UK government need to get a clue, the right to self defense is innate and God given.

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