Orlando Shooting Debate: Sky News Press Preview


Guardian columnist Owen Jones and radio presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer discuss the Orlando shooting on our press preview on 12 June 2016. Watch the full exchange.

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  1. Owen Jones is your typical left wing loon who can't have a reasonable debate. He's got his head stuck firmly up his own arse. That's why him, and others like him are oblivious to the truth.

  2. The Orlando shooting was a hate crime, period. There shouldn't be a discussion about whether or not it was, because it was. Good on Owen for standing up and speaking his mind.

  3. I saw a headline about this dude walking out on television, and my first thought was "that's a really childish reaction."

    But holy hell, this was aggravating to watch–I feel sorry for the guy! I'd probably have done the same.

  4. HOAX ALERT Just saw Anderson Pooper interviewing a mother who lost someone and she looked delighted! The duping delight was too much! She is worse than Gene Rosen!

  5. Glad he left. Those other 2 are still trying to indoctrinate and force their way to get what they actually wanted to achieve with this tragic event. So unnecessary that people had to die just for them to pass new gun laws and limit immigration.

  6. I'm sorry but I feel that was a pretty childish way to handle that interview. I would have stayed calm and explained EXACTLY what I stood up for so all could hear

  7. Report now that he and his wife had been to the club, and she suspected him of "possibly being bisexual" Does this change his argument? It was 2:00 in the morning, his choices as far as populated areas were not exactly wide open. If he was homophobic, wouldn't he just hate himself??

  8. GUNS AND WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE PROBLEM! Cant anyone see that! Islam is protecting us and is the fastest growing religion! We need to get more and more muslims and have more people converting to islam and only give the weapons to the men of islam!

  9. bloody hell, the other 2 were so frustrating to listen to. Are they deliberately blinding themselves? Owen was 100% right, this particular attack was a homophobic terrorist attack. They mentioned Paris several times yet, if I'm not mistaken, firearms aren't easily accessible in France? Sure guns are an issue but as Owen said a million times this was an attack on the LGBT community and that aspect should be addressed.

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