Out And Proud: Where Brexit Leaves Us Now


Sunderland didn’t decide the EU referendum on its own. But it reveals starkly almost all the invisible political, social and economic currents that led to the Leave vote.

In this special report, Sky News’ Faisal Islam visits the area to talk to people about their reasons for voting, and the city’s outlook on Britain’s future.

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  1. Brexit is a waste of time, effort and money. A pointless move that will bring little gain and a lot of uncertainty for a generation. The result of the referendum will also change to remain because in a decade when this is finalised those who voted leave will be dead.

  2. We do not need Indian takeaways. We do not need bus drivers. We do not need our shops to open all week. But most of all we do not need racism. We are British and proud of our welcoming, accommodating reputation. We need BNP, EDL and the like a fish needs a motorbike.

  3. my opinion is that british are pretty scared…..
    We do not have to look behind,my family is european, ( italian,french,german, so I feel really happy to stay in europe)
    may be we will do better without uk. ( this is only a personal opinion ) I hope so!

  4. The nations not so blest as thee,
    must in their turns to tyrants fall;
    while thou shalt flourish, shalt flourish great and free,
    the DREAD and ENVY of them all.

    Rule, Britannia! Britannia Rule the waves!
    Britons never, never will be slaves.

  5. They voted leave because they never got it (the idea of the EU) in the first place but accepted the position that they were more familiar with…and that's it in a nutshell.

  6. Britain is full! Let's encourage our citizens to emigrate so that we can start getting our population down and watch public services improve for everyone.

    Europe is desperate for an influx of young workers and we are desperate to get numbers down, it's a win win!

  7. Of course the Thatcher was a disaster for the industrial heartlands of the UK, but people always forget about what came before her.
    The people who should really be held responsible for deindustrialisation are the governments that bloody nationalised everything. They put the government straight jacket on them, and turned once proud, independent industries (that had been the workshop of the world, and turned Britain into the greatest economic and military power on earth) into inefficient, wasteful, dependent, ruled by the trade union barons, and beholden to whatever he incumbent government decided to do.

    The north east didn't need government handouts to become one of the biggest centres for commercial ship building and coal exporting in the world. They should take more pride in that, and stop looking to London for plans and answers.
    London takes your money in taxes, takes a 50% cut, then doles it out in half-arsed public services and handouts to their special interest groups. Vote for lower taxes!!

  8. Time to FACE THE TRUTH !! we are OUT ! out of a dictatorship, out of a controlled state.
    wake up and see reality !
    The EU owes us a massive refund on monies paid since June 23rd 2016.
    WE Democratically voted to leave the EU Dictatorship.
    SEE IT FOR WHAT IT " IS " !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. My opinion is that history will mark the beginning of the end of Britain as a major player on the world stage and what led to it becoming a basket case country.

    Thankfully it will be in good company, with america by its side, begging the world for spare change.

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