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Caribbean to Caliphate – People & Power

The Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago is traditionally most famous for its spectacular annual carnival, its cricketing prowess and of being the birthplace of calypso music. But more recently it’s been getting a more disturbing reputation – as the nation with the highest recruitment rates of ISIL fighters in the Western Hemisphere.

So why have so many young Trinidadians been driven to travel thousands of kilometres to participate in the conflicts in Iraq and Syria?

According to Imam Yasin Abu Bakr, the leader of the Jamaat al-Muslimeen group, one of the lead causes why young, black men are joining ISIL is their marginalisation.

“The Africans are going to a pool of unemployment, they just sit in the ghetto and do nothing. And then drugs come in and it’s a haven for the drugs. And now the guns are in and so the murder rate is just spiralling out of control,” says Abu Bakr.

People & Power sent correspondent Juliana Ruhfus and director Dom Rotheroe to investigate how the Caribbean island nation has become a recruitment hub for ISIL.

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  1. Why don't you talks about the main reason of the problems? Poverty? And WHO got the drugs in? I bet for sure the American FBI/CIA have their hands on it…

  2. This is the plan for them to kill us. In America black unemployment rate is at 40% and rising, The trump administration, the Police getting away with man slaughter against black men, women and children is all part of their plan to make us desperate and unprepared.. They want to just kill us off but make it look like its a good thing.. when they have NEVER done anything about the racists in America that control most of the wealth due to the inheritance of slave owners

  3. these Islamic terrorists are soo deluded; we Caribbean people don't want them
    anywhere in Trinidad and Tobago or anywhere else in the Caribbean; let them go
    to Syria and Iraq and die; the world would be better off without them; they
    shouldn't be able to return; they should be stripped of their Citizenship

  4. not a war….anything of god is peace n love…. me personally i think they scared of the reality of trinidad..take it to the enemy in the beetham ok….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚that is just a bus route maxi away…y allyuh going in syria for?

  5. The first time I noticed Isis was when they killed a ally rebel leader in Syria. When they were asked as to why they killed the man their explanation was that they didn't want to kill him; they just shot him in the legs so he wouldn't run away. That is how a psychopath thinks. If a psychopath can't hurt or kill someone stronger than him/her they will go after someone weak who has nothing to do with the situation. They are too arrogant and heartless to think logically. That being said there are strong rumors that they are raping new recruits and videotaping the incident so they can brainwash them and extort them into doing what ever they want. This is also something a criminal psychopath does and British criminals in particular have been documented doing the same thing.

  6. interesting situation, again its the criminal losers in society who are drawn to these misguided causes.
    the prisons and slums are the recruiting grounds

  7. This is so sad n heartbreaking…..instead of going to say…Africa,they're going to die in an Arab paigain religious cult dominated country to die,smh

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