People Smuggler: World’s Most Wanted | Sky News Special Report


Join Sky’s Alex Crawford on the hunt for the world’s most wanted people smuggler.

Travel through some of the most inhospitable and dangerous places on Earth, as we follow the key human trafficking routes through Libya and onto the Mediterranean Sea.

Meet the migrants willing to risk everything in search of a better life and see the horrendous conditions many of them have to endure.

Plus, hear from the authorities faced with the “hopeless” task of policing Libya’s porous border.

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  1. An Islamic fighter with a BRAND-NEW pair of Levi 505 Jeans huh? Interesting. [smh] This is SOOO much propaganda! ~Peace
    P.S. Trust NO ONE from main stream media, ESPECIALLY the BBC

  2. the reporter is only working for the government to catch the smugglers they dont gave a fack about humans that are prisons for years because they are told by the west to do so

  3. to b honest I never knew about all this stuff happening until I watched these documentaries I kinda knew parts of the world are struggling with oppression but to this extent is quite shocking it makes me wonder how much more we don't see …..I feel like the country wea I live has never really experienced hardship that we should b grateful for every thing …..even to wake up in the morning and to go for a walk or see the sunrise or b able to have a job and support myself …I'm sorry God for being ungrateful at times😢

  4. when they see Western nations on their phones, they naturally want to go there…. thanks to Bush and Obama removal of Saddam Hussein and muammer Qaddafi this is the result. Now West should be ready for more…. corrupt Italian smugglers are big part of this problem.

  5. Hey just watched the clip.its very true.i am just wondering how much would u pay me if i handed u ermias or medhane or the third which u didnt mention abdulrezahk?

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