Philippines launches campaign to free one million child workers


Government figures show that nearly three million children in the Philippines are working in dangerous jobs.

Many of those are involved in the small-scale gold mining industry.

Authorities have launched a campaign to try and free at least one million child workers by 2025.

Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Paracale in central Philippines.

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Pilipinas naglulunsad ng kampanya upang magbakante isang milyong manggagawa bata



  1. the philippines never show this news in tv.. the news only shows only dead ignorant drug suspect who just like this miners do for a living .. and the human rights are just silent when it comes to this ..

  2. free them and let them die to hunger.. if gov help them or give them alternative safe jobs. i rather die working. rather than die in hunger

  3. why arabs nation do not help phillipinos. go there bring your money. do not squander money on gambling. do not go to west and waste your money to their prostitute. if you sincere help them, iA Allah will help you

  4. They need to stop making laws based on theocracy, God is not a genie that grants wishes. Allow family planning, make school mandatory for all children under 17, make child labor illegal, then you can decrease crime, drug use, and poverty.

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