Plankton. The Most Vital Organisms On Earth – World Oceans Day – BBC Earth


Happy World Oceans Day! Click here to watch our SpongeBob SquarePants video

The BBC Earth Unplugged team take over BBC Earth to delve a little deeper into why plankton are the most important organisms on the planet.

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  1. Calling phytoplankton "plants" is a big mistake, which resulted from the outdated idea that everything which perfomrs photosintesys is aplant. Phytoplankton is composed of very distinct biological groups, the bacteria dand diverse groups of protists.

  2. At around 1:40 you say that plankton are responsible for 20% of all photosynthesis that occurs on Earth. Yet, near the end of the video, you ask us to take a breath and say that half of the oxygen we breathe comes from plankton. These statistics seem contradictory. Can you explain how half of the world's oxygen is produced by only 20% of the world's photosynthesis?

  3. That's awesome, white guy. I'm sure when 'white supremacy' ends and asians and brown people takeover they'll protect the oceans from overfishing and pollution, and fight tooth and nail for all sorts of eco-system agendas … just as soon as they're finished killing off endangered species for magic potions and skinning animals alive.
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  4. Thats a bit far fetched to say that there would be no cars.. I mean you even say that it takes millions of years for their waste to turn into the oil and gas reserves..?

  5. Plankton – the most significant life form on the planet. Also, you forgot to mention that their extinction would mean a drastic increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, which would increase the greenhouse effect dramatically

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