Polar Bear vs Walrus – Planet Earth – BBC Earth


Filmed on a remote island in the Arctic, shrouded in fog – we are treated to stunning footage of a Polar Bear in pursuit of a Walrus. Faced with an imposing wall of blubber and hide, it appears that the world’s largest land carnivore may have met his match

Taken From Planet Earth

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  1. Walruses could easily defend each other if they were smart enough.

    They could easily reduce the polar bear-killing-walrus success rate to like 0.00001% !!

  2. Don't u ever wonder how it feels to get eaten alive it's like your senses just tells you that your going to be another animals dinner worst feeling ever 😖😔😶😵

  3. David Attenborough is amazing but do his documentaries only present a Hobsian state of nature? From watching extraordinary moments in nature on Youtube, it would seem that there is also another more altruistic side of nature just as there is with human animals.

  4. А если бы сплотились, то легко отпор Умке бы дали. А когда каждый за себя, то вот такое получается. Хотя и мишке то же кушать надо.

  5. Polar bear = Government , Walrus = people …… they are stronger and many but still Don't stick together or fight back although they can win their causes easy .. sry but had to say that .

  6. Its interesting seeing the bear attack, its so unpersonal in nature. Like a mutual understanding that this is just the way life is, I need to eat, I attack you, you defend correctly, I can't eat you. heh

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