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October 2015’s general elections in Poland were won by a hardline Catholic conservative party PiS (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość – or Law and Justice). Its 37 per cent share of the vote hardly spoke of mass support, but it was sufficient to earn it a working majority in both the upper and lower houses of parliament.

Since then the country has been plunged into a political crisis that many fear is splitting the country apart – and perhaps even challenging Polish democracy itself. Tens of thousands of people have been on the streets demonstrating for or against the new right wing administration, protests that escalated towards the end of 2015 when the PiS emasculated the country’s constitutional court by replacing 5 independent judges with political appointees and effectively put the court under party control.

It was done, say critics, purely so that the PiS could sidestep legal checks and balances ahead of secret plans to drastically change the constitution – a nascent coup in the making. “The government plans legislation with implications for human rights that could curtail free speech and the right of assembly,” warned Jacek Kucharczyk of the county’s Institute of Public Affairs.

As a result, Poland has rarely been more divided, with 56% of Poles saying they feel their freedoms are in danger while the government’s supporters charge that compromises made by liberals with the Communist leadership to bring about the country’s transition to democracy in 1989, left a nation that is excessively anti-religious and secular.

As this film for People & Power explains, throw in rising xenophobia exacerbated by Europe’s refugee emergency, the PiS’s increasingly strident Euroscepticism, tense relations with the country’s neighbours and another recent highly controversial law introducing tough state control over media – and you have a crisis that looks set to boil over at the heart of Europe.

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  1. This "documentary" isn't actually a documentary at all, but a highly BIASED and ONE-SIDED PROPAGANDA BULLSHIT.
    Don't waste your time watching it !

  2. this video is so huge lie showing we have a problem in Poland it's not true what tehy saying in this YT movie we have great time now we never been better then now.

  3. Al Jazeera is Qatari state funded media. Qatar has accepted 0 refugees.
    As Amnesty International recently pointed out, the "six Gulf countries — Qatar, United Arab
    Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain — have offered zero
    resettlement places to Syrian refugees."


  4. Al Jazeera is based in Qatar and is funded by the country's theocratic Wahabi regime. Coincidentally the same regime that recently has been exposed as ISIS' major donor and enabler. This piece of desperate propaganda leaves no doubt as to their real agenda. Which is actually fu*king hilarious.

  5. In Poland we are open on the people from other countries.Cases of violence happend everywhere(for example in England two englishmen killed polish because he was a polish).I think in this move is a lot of lies and propaganda directed against the goverment.I don't like politics in general but this goverment was selected in demokracy elections.

  6. No, traditionally Jews lived in our country like anybody else, many of them had high functions and were respected, it changed because of Israel policy and fact that so many of Jews saved by Polish undergrund arrmy and civilians joined communistic forces after war or start to blacken us to gain something. As a nationalist i have nothing against Jews, but what Israel is doing and propagate about us is horrible, i know that Israel does not stand for all Jews but it claims it does so many people here identify Israel with Jews and blame Jews for many things, like lack of gratitude for all Poles that died or risked alot when saving them.

  7. Szef "Nigdy Więcej", Rafał Pankowski – fundacji "antyrasistowskiej" sponsorowanej przez George Sorosa – opowiada, że w Polsce CODZIENNIE bitych i maltretowanych jest przez Polaków do 5-10 muzułmanów!!! Ten kapuś Sorosa mówi to w 15:41! Jeśli ludzie w Polsce opłacani przez Sorosa, nadal będą takie rzeczy opowiadać w świat, to nie zdziwię się, jeśli polscy narodowcy – z braku muzułmanów – zaczną w końcu ich bić po twarzy za gadanie takich antypolskich bzdur – i w mojej opini – w pełni ZASŁUŻENIE…

  8. I see a lot of Polish working in Muslims countries, and no one bothers them, attacking them, let alone forcing them to convert Islam. So why do you polish people treat Muslims in Poland so badly? what is wrong with you really?

  9. This report makes me sick… Comparing Nationalism with Nazism. They're two completely different things, couldn't be more bias against Polish Nationalism.

  10. cant believe that they are comparing the current political situation to nazism. I guess all patriotism is nazism and everyone whom doesnt bend over for radical islam is rasist. People are waking up and ive never been prouder to be Polish.

  11. 70% of these bastards in the comments are Polish people that Love PiS do you know how awful it is under PiS he is in control of everything the 5 judges,Duda,Slodawska are all puppets down with Dictatorship I hope my country Russia takes over

  12. This video skip a lot of important facts that could change the viewers opinion on Poland and the current situation we have here.
    Additionally it smuggles liberal axiology and gives liberał the moral highground.
    And I'm saying it all as a anti-PiS person(also anti-PO).

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