Pressure on Barcelona to stop Catalan independence vote


Pro and anti-independence protesters have met on the streets of the Catalan capital, Barcelona before next month’s vote on independence from Spain.

The central government in Madrid is trying to stop the vote.

Al Jazeera’s Karl Penhaul reports.

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  1. Watch at 1.03 and see the Franco-Madrid thug spit at a woman. The Independence protesters are very festive and good natured ( true democrats) whereas the Madrid-fascists are violent and vicious thugs. See the contrast for yourself.

  2. Well according to witnesses, there was around 50 people who gathered for this demonstration. Some say it might have been 60 people attending.
    In other words, 0,0000001% of the population.

  3. Catalonia is only part of Spain because of the marriage of two monarchs, and not by the want of the people. Castilians are overtaking other ethnicities in their lands. Navarre, for example, has been historically Basque, with Pamplona being the most important Basque City of them all. Now, Basques are a minority in Navarre, and almost nobody in Pamplona knows Basque.

  4. This isn't about independence – its about how the spanish governmennt are abusing their power to stop political opponents. UK went through the same thing recently with Scotland. We had an open debate, and a non-binding referendum to see what the people thought. Why is ther spanish government afraid their own people want to break from them?

  5. Holland got independent from Spain to later enter in the Benelux, which was the foundation of the European Union! We are to be united in diversity, and be aware that the democratic system is much better than the dictatorships of other obsolete and outdated countries. The future of an united, global, but honest world is ours! And the sacrifices of the past deserve to have a peaceful European Union. 1945-2017 is not long enough a time without internal wars! Teach your children well for the sake of peace!

  6. This is a test for the west if democracy truly exist in the west then Catalonia should have the right to vote and see where it leads. Thus, if Spain doesn't except the results of this region breaking away then democracy is a illusion in the western world.

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