Protecting Marley – Orangutan Diary – BBC


Marley is allowed into the forest, but he’s still weak and a larger Orangutan will have to protect him from a pair of Macaques. Fascinating clip from Series 2 of Orangutan Diary.

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  1. Chimps are psychotic. Ive never heard of am orangutan ripping a person's face off. I can recall 3 incidents where chimps have. Tiny baby chimps cam be cute. That's about all the love I have for them. Orangutans are amazing.

  2. Orangutan are much smarter in my opinion. Of course Kanzi the Bonobo is smarter than any primate that I have seen or heard of. Baby Orangutans are the cutest hands down, especially when they laugh while being tickled. Plus Orangutans are known to actually share food with each other, chimps do not. Plus Chimps kill and eat other chimps babies, Orangutans do not. I could go on and on, it's not even close.

  3. Macaques are the rats of the monkey world. Poor little Marley all scrawney From his sickness at least had back up with a stick. If Marley lives to be 20yrs old, Macaques will not be a problem..

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