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Environmentalists are fighting a war in South America to protect ancient Amazonian tribes from hungry developers. Interesting clip from BBC documentary Amazon: Truth and Myth Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here:



  1. hmmmm….but its latosols?If the trees are cut down it will become a desert, and the trees will not grow back.Because of loss of moisture,hummus content,soil structure and laterization and leeching.So basicaly it wont.Not trying to be a bastard or anything,but have been studying this for 3 years in geography class,not an expert or anything like.

  2. Modern society has crime, murder, illness, materialism, hate, racism, discrimination, ignorant ideals, is a burden on the enviroment, these people have none of that, we should preserve that, your ideals that we should educate them etc are based on our current culture, how we are trained to think. But think about them, they are unique, they are their own with no influence from the rest of the world. We must preserve that, and stop the loggers, and our reliance on paper goods.

  3. @CavalerVlah: Your opinions are come from a narrow, petty, closed mind. There is nothing wrong with their lifestyle. Clothes are not needed for the tropical climate they live in.

    Educating them as you suggest stinks of perversity.The real solution is to educate people who cling to the so called "civilization", consume endless natural resources & destroy this planet. Those who are too perverse to be thus educated must be eradicated. The tribes are more civilized than we can ever hope to be.

  4. @CavalerVlah It's not deny them from a better life. it is preserving their culture and lifestyle that will eventually be interrupted and erased once their land is taken away. That's like saying re-educating the Aztecs and telling them human sacrifice is wrong when their civilization has developed with that tradition. And plus, even if you do not consider the various tribes in the rainforest, people still are destroying the forest anyway.

  5. @wood9670 Language is to thick a barrier to explain modern science. Science is a language all its own. The tribes people would need pre-existing words already created through observation. It would take a century to teach them on their land. Im sure we do share basic scientific concepts that on some level, they have already explored. Anthropology is a fascinating discipline.

  6. @SinisterSkip Western ideals LOL. It's funny how we take them for granted. Have you ever heard of Montesquieu? You know that western philosopher that would agree with your point on "preserving their way of life". I think my point is a valid point, based on good intentions (Quality of life, literacy and other forms of education) Please when you respond can you address my point. Oh I just want to know what exactly do you mean when you say "are now trying with the middle east"?

  7. @Alpinex105

    Why not preserve their way of life, like it maybe's been for thousands of years? Why does everyone have to live up to western fucking ideals? That's what we tried and are trying now in the middle east, it's fucking stupid.

  8. Say what you want, but they're all in shape, America can learn something from that 🙂

    This unique culture can almost be seen as a cultural 'monument', something you have to preserve.

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