Puerto Rico’s economic crisis deeply affects healthcare


Health officials in Puerto Rico are raising concerns over the impact of a deepening economic crisis on healthcare.
The island’s debt stands at more than $100bn.
Under-staffed hospitals are treating more patients with less money and fewer resources.
Al Jazeera’s Andy Gallacher reports from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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  1. XD and the goverment of P.R want to push for joining the States because: more benefits in health care and…..you know their's no way joining now the states will help us, it make P.R look bad

  2. It's time for Ricky Martin, JLo and other PR celebrities to help their own country and their own people. For years they've been asking money for their own "charity" and popularity but they havent watched their own backyard which is slowly decaying falling into deeper crisis as each day passes.

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