Qatar faces embargoes as biggest regional diplomatic crisis in years escalates


Qatar faces embargoes amid biggest regional diplomatic crisis in years

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani is pushing for talks as a way to end the region’s biggest diplomatic crisis in years that was triggered by other Gulf Arab nations.

Qatar has expressed surprise over the “unjustified” decision by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Yemen and the Maldives to suspend relations with Doha, saying that the decision was in “violation of its sovereignty”.

The five countries have also imposed an embargo on Qatar.

Al Jazeera’s Moreana Hond reports.

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  1. Hello from Turkey.
    We, Turks, believe saudi arabia and egypt are the American puppets, they are mother of İsis. Now they are playing a big game, they attacked my country by a american based coup, then time comes for Qatar… We stand with Qatar, we rise together and WE FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRIES UNTIL THE LAST SOLDIER. WE WILL RISE AND RISE UNTIL LAMBS BECOME LIONS.


  2. we don't know reality and happen behind this crises. ..but we still love all Gulf countries include Qatar .
    we love ,we are solder and we kill and die for Saudi .

  3. May Allah unite our ummah,may Allah protect ahlul sunnah in Qatar,may Allah protect Qatari citizens from rafidah dawah,Allahomma salli wa sallim alaa Nabiyinia Mhammadin Amin!

  4. Im warning all yankees,all russian pigs,and yellow chinese bastards,and swedish paedophiles,and jewish animals,or french cockroaches,dont interfere in this matter,chaos will occur in northern europé!

  5. Russian hackers benind this. And the biggest terror sponsors are calling Qataris terrorists. Haven't ever seen such hipocrisy. Trump also behind this.

  6. Just keep in mind that Al Jazeera is being run by the government of Qatar, and its one of the main reasons why Saudi Arabia is cutting ties with Qatar.

  7. don't you worry Qatar. Allah knows the truth and who's behind of all this crisis. not all country in the world believe the allegations that they are throwing to your beloved country is true. what they have done surely will come back to them.

  8. Aljazeera we know you guys are owned by the Qatari government; what is the point of this video – You guys will never expose the dark secrets that country is hiding.

  9. I think KSA all present and past govt are acting as US AND Illegal &. Ferocious killer Israel blind slaves. I think Qatar take appropriate & great decision in favour of humanity, justice democracy and rules of law. KSA Present govt & His blind supporters already sold their Evil Soul to 🐕 Trump & Brutal killer Racist Corrupt Israel.

  10. one love from Somalia , shame on you Saudi Arabia , you respect your enemies while you hate your brother, Qatar my lovely Ikhwaani we are with you and Falastin is our heart long life فلسطين.

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