Rescue Mission Part 2 – Orangutan Diary – BBC


Part 2 of 2. Siska and the team have to persuade a captor in possession of two baby Orangutans to hand them over so they can be looked after at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.

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  1. if we can have the orang utan as a pet. . and it will live happily and healty… and we can make them reproduce . . . and give them eat fruits like in the jungle… then why not

  2. I have to swear to the heavens above that in or around .30 min to a minute plus into the film The young father has to be "Toilet." I will never forget you nor Udin or Nasier at the Jungle Inn, in Bukit Lawang. I, we would love to come back there again soo

  3. I wish something could be done to allow the family to benefit from protecting the orang utans. They must have a lot of knowledge about how to find the orang utans in the wild. How amazing would quiet guided tours into the jungle be?

  4. From what I've seen, Orangs are not like Chimpanzees which attack with intent to kill or mame. Orang adult males can be very agressive but I dont know if anyone has died from an Orang attack. That would be something research, because I would like to know…..

  5. they are not going to stop shooting adult orangutans….they are food….with the added bonus of a youngster to sell…….its a pity the indigenous peoples of the area do not get the same help and resources……leave them to their bushmeat….

  6. True statement,I didn't think about them drowning. Safety for the rescue team and the Orangs is important. You know it's hard to think of them sufering any more trauma… Thanks for the reply.

  7. The crate is probably for safety reasons. It looks like the woman w/ the rescue team stayed right by them. If she'd held them & something frightened them they could fall over board as they're strong even though they're young. The people who came to take them to their foundation seem to genuinely care about them. Poor little things! Still so trusting even after having watched their mothers killed & being pulled screaming from her dead body. Human kind has much to answer for!

  8. Why did they put them back into a box? The boat ride would have been less stressful if the babies were allowed to set in the open with Siska holding on to them. It was very clear that they didn't like the box.

  9. Negotiations My Ass! It's illegal to keep Orangs as pets. Having (2) infants means this guy most likely murdered (2) adult females to get them. If an investigation proved wrong-doing, a long jail sentance should be the out come. Authorities need to stop playing nice no matter the culture. 7yrs. hard time would surely make him think twice about harming or keeping Orangutans ever again. Instead the cop kissed his ass and gave him a T-shirt. He will never touch an orang again, right ?

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