Royal Baby | Lindo Wing Live | William And Kate’s New Arrival | Sky News


Live video of the Lindo Wing front door at St Mary’s Hospital, London, as the world waits for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their baby girl. The camera will move off the door when other patients are entering or exiting the hospital.

WARNING: May contain flash photography.

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  1. I enjoyed this at the time, and I still enjoy reliving it from time to time. It was history being made, whether the whiners care or not. I don't understand the effort they make to find this video and make a fuss about what all the fuss is about.

  2. What's all the fuss about? Another royal brat, so What! What's wrong with the British getting all excited about a baby being born? That's all it is a human baby, flesh and blood like the rest of us, not more special in anyway than any other human birth. The only thing is, this one will never want for anything and will be respected by everyone who meets it no matter whether it's clever, a nice person or not. There's something very odd about the people who waited outside the hospital for news of the birth, except of course for the press/tv representatives who were getting paid to do it. If the others had nothing better to do with their time, god help them.

  3. A new uber mensch is cast among us mere mortals. Bow your heads in honour of the great one. And befitting the childs proud and noble heritage everyone chant Zeig Heil, Zeig Heil, Zeig Heil!!!

  4. It takes two people to create authority. One to proclaim authority and one to accept that authority. If a person does not accept that authority, then it does not exist. Z.


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