Saudi FM: Qatar measures taken with great pain


Saudi FM: Qatar measures taken with great pain

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir has said in Berlin that he believes the Gulf states can resolve the dispute themselves, but that Qatar must take several steps in order to restore ties.

“The issue with Qatar goes back a number of years. There was an understanding for Qatar to take measures about supporting some organizations and some individuals. Qatar committed to deal with the issue but regrettably we didn’t see an appropriate response. And this is what led some countries to take measures against Qatar,” he said.

“We took these measures with great pain and we took them for Qatar’s interests, for the interests of the region and for the sake of stability and security. We hope the brothers in Qatar will take the appropriate measures to avoid this crisis.”

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    and sir, this is the month of ramadan?are you a believer or a disbeliever?
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  3. I'm Qatari and I want to be ruled by the House of Saud because they are the true Lords of the Arabian peninsula all the Arabian tribes give allegiance to the House of Saud the true inheritance of the Umayyad Empire

  4. I find it very odd that Saudi Arabia, who is known to have sent paid mercenaries, and also members of Isis to Syria to overthrow Assad, is now cutting off relations with Qatar because Qatar supports terrorism.

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