Saudi Foreign Minister Warns Over End Of Iran Sanctions


Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has used a trip to London to robustly defend his country’s more assertive role in the world, despite concerns it could escalate tensions with Iran.

After meeting US Secretary of State John Kerry, Adel al Jubeir insisted his country was right to intervene more aggressively in parts of the Middle East in an interview with Sky News.

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  1. 2:42 He said "In supporting the Syrian opposition" in other words he admits the Saudis support ISIS, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and the other terrorist organizations that are fighting the Syrian army.

  2. I must say he is well spoken but as someone who has traveled through out the mid east, Riyadh, Tehran, Beirut and Dubai. Iranians were the most hospitable people I have ever met, some of the most beautiful women I ever seen <3. This guys talking about living standards I felt Iranians enjoy a much higher living standard and freedom than people from Saudi Arabia for god sakes, in Saudi women can't even get jobs or drive a car . If I saw this guy talk before travelling to Iran I would have believed him! but since I have seen his backward country, to say Iran is a terrorist state is just false. Iranians actively fight Al qaeda, ISIS and al nusra whilst saudi shares the same religous ideologies as them. Most Iranians were well educated and polite whilst most Arabs I met there were rude and dismissive and seemed overly religous in contrast Iranians seemed very liberal (in comparison).

  3. Unbelievable, it is absolutely preposterous, utterly unacceptable and simply beyond the pale! why the west give a platform to a man whom represents a Wahhabi regime which public beheading is a commonplace, a regime which does not even allow its women citizens to drive a car, a Wahabbi archaic regime that has generated the ideology of Isis and Alqada, a regime that has been condemned for massacre and genocide in Yemen by international community and all bodies of United nations
    West is turning its blind eyes over Saudi archaic regime and Wahabbisem due to short term economic gains( mainly oil), this double standard hypocrite practice must be seized immediately.

  4. Saudi Arabia is losing war with iran on every battlefields. from the nuclear agreement to Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. by the way all of these countries are Arab.

  5. 15 out of 19 terrorists involved in 9/11 attacks were Saudi Arabians, Bin Laden the most wanted person in history was Saudi Arabian, biggest funder of ISIS was Saudi Arabia, the biggest supporter of Saddam Hussein both military and financial wise during the 8 year war was Saudi. If Iran was not present in Syria since 2011 now ISIS would be marching on the streets of Damascus! This is how I see it as an Iranian so what we know so far is that nothing is absolute everything is relative!

  6. haaa the national in their attitude which hurt many million foreigners, living inside their country, Saudi's think the life for foreigners are very simple and easy they have no bills zakat etc but they don't know how disturbing life they are going through, i drive taxi and I never ever listen from any foreigners that "no man Saudi's are good people" they words they use I can't eve able to say that. The value of Saudi's are nothing in UK, USA, GERMANY, PAKISTAN and also in INDIA, once I saw the news that one Saudi family is going to Pakistan and because of one men in family attitude Pakistan police arrest that man and treat him like a dog, they have there values only in Saudi not front of Saudi only front of foreigners.Hope they will get deserve soon. AMEEN

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