Seagrass In Dubai Palms – Wild Arabia – BBC


The man-made Dubai Palms hosts a seabed as rich as the plains of Africa, perfect for sea grass. Taken from Wild Arabia.

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  1. Wonderful wonderful series like only the BBC can make. I watched them all, I thought, but one….least I think. There was footage of a man walking his two incredibly beautiful big dogs across dunes or some such terrain. Im trying to find out if this in an episode or only on the series introduction each time? I've been eagerly trying to find out what kind of dogs they were. Any ideas?

  2. The sea grass is incredible, straight out of sci-f! I love the music too and very one of my favourite narrators. I hope that the region' s natural beauty can remain.

  3. i;d much rather see those hard earned American dollars spent in our own country rebuilding the manufacturing  and technology industries right here at home than building those skyscrapers there

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