Sean Spicer responds to Al Jazeera on Trump tweets about Qatar


Sean Spicer responds to Al Jazeera on Trump tweets about Qatar

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Yemen and the Maldives announced they would suspend relations with the Gulf state.

The Saudi kingdom made the announcement via its state-run Saudi Press Agency early on Monday, saying it was taking action for what it called the protection of national security.

Al Jazeera asked White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer about comments from President Donald Trump on the situation.



  1. The real reason why qatar is on the hooked up in this play because Aljazeera shall reveal all the hidden secrets on how the deal was made between Israel and the traitor kings to force the palestinians out of their lands for the second time from the west bank to Rafah and shakh zuwaid next to gaza in Egypt. A new chapter in the ongoing series of treason to the palestinian cause by the arab governments in what Isreal calls "the trade of the century". Qatar aljazeera would be the voice of the voiceless and may stirr things against this unfair solution but Trump wants to silence all voices before the big move.

  2. Al Jazeera was only one reporting accurately on most middle east issues although they have Bias its ridiculous to say they support Terror…. anyone with minimum common sense will know looking at this America is supporting Saudi in waging a proxy war aginst Qatar.

  3. lol arabs are not very smart are they. just all puppets on uncle sams strings . Iran just sitting there laughing at all of them lol..hmm what a funnny show.

  4. America is a joke. They are the root cause of terrorism, them and their wahabbist sidekick best friend Saudi Arabia.

    If there was a god he would destroy America, to make the world a better place.

  5. US – Israel – Saudi – UAE and others try to start a war with IRAN through SYRIA . But now ISIS is almost finished in SYRIA and IRAQ so whats the plan B . Try to annex Qatar to Saudi? this will definitely star a war with IRAN since Qatar and Iran share the largest natural gas reserve in the world . If Saudi somehow annex Qatar these two countries will start a war.

    But will Saudi take this drastic measure ? thats the Trillion Dollar question. If it does we will have our WW III

  6. If Trump is so concerned about "stomping out ISIS and all forms of terrorism" and about terror financing, why doesn't he at all seem concerned about arming Saudi Arabia?

    Hypocritical, to the utmost.

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